Best Manager


Are your management principles strong? Are you Strong in management Skills? Are you a hard worker or a Smart worker? Come prove your skills in management. Everyone can be a good manager, but do you have skills to become the best? Then put to test your abilities to rise above the rest and be the best manager ever.

 Rules and Regulations

1. There will be two participants in a team.
2. There will be 5 Elimination Rounds :
• Quiz Round
• Debate Round
• Case study Round
• Situation Round
• Stress Round
3. On the basis of the elimination further short listing will be done.
4. Quiz Round will be of 25 M.C.Q. questions which shall be asked team-wise .
5. Debate topics and case study will be floated to each team two days prior to the event.
6. Every team would be given an option to speak on any one out of the three topics allotted.
7. A fresh copy of c.v. is to be carried by each participant.
8. Also, to be noted is that the member who participates in Debate shall not be  allowed to participate in the Stress interview round.
9. Any means of cheating would lead to dis- qualification of the team.
10. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
11. All the above mentioned rounds shall be in English.
12. All the participants are required to dress up formally.

Prize Money:
1. Rs 4000     2. Rs 2000

Date-10th march 2017
Time-10 am-12 pm
Venue-Okhla Campus

For More Details Contact :-
Aarushi Singhal – 9999623586

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