Mr. & Ms. Spandan (Only For Ndim Students)


In the race to reach unparalleled fame and fortune, one has to face a lot of trails and challenges. The person who manages to face everything, emerges victorious and is crowned King or Queen. NDIM presents before you “Mr and Ms Spandan”, a platform where you have to give in your best and be crowned the champion. So if you think you have that special something in you, then register yourself and get ready to be the King/Queen.

  1. Round 1 Walk
    Parameters for walk will be:
    a. Walk
    b. Posture
    c. Confidence
    2. Round 2 Introduction 
    Time limit 1 minute
    Parameters are:
    a. Clarity
    b. Voice Modulation
    c. Content
    3. Round 3 Talent
    Time 2 -3 minutes
    Parameters are:
    a. Apparel
    b. Talent
    c. Uniqueness of talent
    4. Round 4 Q & A
    Parameters are:
    a. Communication
    b. Relevance
    c. Confidence

Prize Money:
1. Rs 3000 x 2     2. Rs 2000 x 2

Date-9th march 2017
Time-10:00 am -12:00pm (Okhla Campus)
            1:00pm-4:00pm (Auditorium Tughlakabad Campus)

For More Details Contact :-
Vineeta Kaushik – 8800109920

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