RJ Hunt


We all love the radio and are often fascinated by the RJ’s. Do your friends often complain about how talkative you are? NDIM presents before you “RJ hunt”. It is a competition were you can talk your heart out and maybe even get paid for it. Can you capture an entire audience’s attention and keep them engaged? then what are you waiting for, register yourself fast and be a part of this event.

Rules and Regulations

  • One team from each institute. Two participants from each team
  • Time limit of 3 minutes
  • Negative marking if participants exceed the time limit
  • Assessment Criterion: Voice Quality, Content, Voice Pitch, Histrionics, Relatedness, Voice Modulation
  • Judges decision will be final

Prize Money:
1. Rs 4000     2. Rs 2000

For More Details Contact :-
Monika Garg – 9414555111

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