Scavenger Hunt-er (Treasure Hunt)- Only For Ndim Students


Come here at NDIM and let the Adventurer out in you. If you have a knack for finding out lost things, then this is the perfect platform for you to play. How many times have we lost various things and have set out on a conquest to find it? If you think you got the skills to find lost things, then a treasure is there, waiting for you to find it.

  • Teams need to assemble in Open area of New Building register and collect their team number tags and collection of clue of the 1st Instructions for the event will be given here only
  • Time limit for each team is 1 ½ hours. Start time will be same for all teams
  • Teams have to travel on foot
  • At least one member in each team must have a cera or mobile phone with camera
  • Team members cannot split, at any point during the hunt; otherwise, it will lead to disqualification
  • Any team that tries to physically obstruct the hunt for another team will be disqualified
  • Entire team must be present to submit the clue results
  • Participants can wear sports shoes and advised to carry drinking water and a bag
  • Teams cannot move, destroy or interfere with the clues; any such action shall lead to disqualification of the team
  • Teams are required to collect treasures in respect to the mentioned clues. On collection of wrong items or replacing/damaging them will lead to disqualification of the team
  • There will be five locations
  • At every location certain number of teams will be eliminated which will be informed during registration
  • In the last round only first 3 teams reaching the starting point with all the correct items will be the winners
  • Registration fee is Rs 50/- per team
  • Each team will consist of 3 members

Prize Money:
1. Rs 3000     2. Rs 2000

Date-10th march 2017
Time-10 am-12 pm
Venue-Room no 301 , Knowledge Block  Tughlakabad Campus

For More Details Contact :-
Deepanshu Goyal – 8800428100

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