Debate (Tark – Vitark) War of Thoughts

     Rules and Regulations:-

“When students participate in debate, they learn to study issues in depth and from perspectives, a skill I use everyday in Senate”Barack Obama 44th U.S. President, (Born 1961)

Tarak-Vitarak @ Spandan 2017 will give an opportunity to the participants as a team to strongly put forward their arguments and intellect.


  1. Each team will have 2 members; Medium of debate is English.
  2. Teams will be paired against each other, speaking either in favour or against the topic.
  3. There will be a coin toss and the losing team will pick a chit at random from the raffle box containing the topics whereas the winner will choose to speak in “favour” or “Against” the topic.
  4. A total of 10 minutes will be given for each debate session
  5. Every speaker from both teams will be given 1.5 minutes each to present the opening arguments. Any interjections and objections by the opposite team during this period will lead to deduction in points.
  6. After a period of 6 minutes, the direct confrontation round will initiate where interjections and objections are allowed.
  7. The team having the higher points will then head for the next round.
  8. The two top teams who qualify various rounds will debate for victory! The topic for the final round will be given 30 minutes prior to the final round
  9. Following criteria will be considered for marking
  • Content
  • Team coordination
  • Communication skills
  • Debating skills
  • Time management
  1. Points will be deducted if the speaker
  • Exceeds stipulated time frame
  • Finishes before the stipulated time period
  • Cites irrelevant examples
  1. Will result to disqualification if the speaker
  • Uses profane/unacceptable language
  • Exhibits vulgar gesture
  • Directly thrashes opponent
  1. The topics for the debate are as follows:-
  • Demonetization is a right step to curb black money
  • Reliance Jio is a sustainable business model
  • “A woman can do what a man can” is still a myth in India
  • Trump’s policies would be favorable for India
  • “Make in India” campaign is ‘a right step in the right direction’
  • DUSU is correct in Banning “Sexist Rappers” from performing in the DU girls’ college fests
  • Social Media websites are good for the progress of the Indian Society
  • The West will always be more progressive than the East
  • People were closer when there was no Whatsapp
  • The answer to India’s progress lies in privatization of Education


Prize Money:
1. Rs 4000     2. Rs 2000

Date-10th march 2017
Time-3 pm-5 pm
Venue-Conference Hall

For More Details Contact :-
Ayanjit Davidson – 9717367542

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